ServicesKinship Care...It’s our purpose!



A Second Chance, Inc. supports kinship foster care that provides stability and continuity, maintaining a child's cultural identity and contact with their birth family. By placing children in the homes of the birth family's relatives or friends, parents can better concentrate on their efforts to improve their lives and home environments in preparation for eventual reunification.


The TECD department of A Second Chance, Inc. provides support services to the agency and is designed to obtain and maintain the agencies primary mission, which is to strengthen and preserve healthy kinship families for children.

This department is responsible for providing culturally responsive and supportive services to the agencies triad members (kinship caregivers, birthparents, and children) as well as to the members of community at large. The services of the TECD department includes:

  • Educational Enrichment / Staff Development
  • Support Group Services
  • Educational Youth Opportunities/Bridges to Learning
  • Focus on Permanency

For More information please call 412-342-0600 and ask for the TECD Department