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A Second Chance, Inc. supports kinship foster care that provides stability and continuity, maintaining a child's cultural identity and contact with their birth family. By placing children in the homes of the birth family's relatives or friends, parents can better concentrate on their efforts to improve their lives and home environments in preparation for eventual reunification.


The Respite Services Unit was designed to help support kinship caregivers with short term placement alternatives through approved foster parents as vacations, illness, removal of foster children, or any extreme emergency that may occur.

Our objective in the Respite Service Unit is consistent with the agency’s mission to strength and preserve healthy kinship families for children. We achieve our objectives by ensuring that all children and youth have safe supportive and culturally responsive respite care. We understand that there are occasions when a family may need a break and an emergency occurs which require temporary placement alternatives.

Traditional Respite provides a break for families who either want to take a vacation, need a rest, or need to use respite care in an emergency situation such as: hospitalization, death of a family member, etc. The timeframe for utilizing Traditional Respite Care is 72 hours annually. Traditional Respite request must be submitted to Child and Family services supervisor thirty days prior to a planned respite.

Emergency Respite provides care for children who must be removed from their current placement until permanent placement can be made. The timeframe for this service is 24 hours to 30 days. Emergency respite is for seven days only any additional time must be through court order only. Court can order placement up to 30 days.

For More information please call 412-342-0600 and ask for the Respite Department