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A Second Chance, Inc. supports kinship foster care that provides stability and continuity, maintaining a child's cultural identity and contact with their birth family. By placing children in the homes of the birth family's relatives or friends, parents can better concentrate on their efforts to improve their lives and home environments in preparation for eventual reunification.


The permanency department was established as a support to Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare's Statewide Adoption Network, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries in partnership with Family Design Resources to provide services and support to Western Pennsylvania’s children and families.

The goal of the department is to help in finding a permanent, supportive family for every child with a expertise in Kinship families. Children who are waiting in care are experiencing unresolved grief, loss of sibling relationships, and the opportunity for permanent family relationships.  Their loss of a sense of security and safety leads to attachment difficulties and an erosion of their feelings of worth and ultimately their self esteem.  Permanent, prepared families provide a healing process for those children who have been abused/neglected, and/or who may have been living long-term in out-of-home care within the child welfare system. Therefore, it is vital that the process for permanency be conducted, with definitive results, as quickly as possible for these children.

The responsibility of permanency department is to address barriers to permanency for children and to respond to the increased numbers of children needing adoption services through a model of public and private collaboration for adoption services demonstrating a statewide program that provides safety and permanency for the children.

This is done through managing referrals from county children and youth agencies, provide direct services to children and families, providing consultation and training, and managing support services to the families

The Services we offer are as listed but not limited to:

  • Child Preparation, Child Profile, Family Profile, Post Permanency – Advocacy/Case Management, Respite and Support Group.


This new unit of service encourages structured group meetings to occur on a regular basis.  The meetings are designed for families currently tracked under the umbrella of permanency, and/or for families seeking post permanency intervention.


We are committed to transitioning families toward empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Through the Support Group process we aim to:
  • Address the barriers to permanency
  • Advocate on behalf of our constituency
  • Building relationships among other parents and children;
  • Empower individuals and families through coaching, training and problem-solving skill development
  • Forming a community of support and mentoring among families;
  • Offering opportunities for socialization and recreational activities among families;
  • Provide a safe space for caregivers to share their issues and concerns
  • Providing information and educational materials relevant to families; and
  • Utilizing professional and paraprofessionals for group leadership and childcare.MEETINGS


Meetings are every fourth Thursday of the month. Child care provided


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For More information please call 412-342-0600 and ask for someone from the SWAN Department