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Kinship care, or family caring for family, is a natural, out-of-home placement option for children which successfully meets their need for safety, permanency and well-being. While this alternative has been utilized for centuries in some cultures, its official foray into the American foster care system occurred only in 1987, through Policy Announcement ACYF-PA-8702. Today, 26% of the 581,000 children in foster care are placed with relatives (Adoption and Foster Care Reporting System). Opinions, knowledge, policies and programs regarding kinship care do vary, but one thing is clear: kinship foster care is here to stay.


Caregiver Payment Dates

 FYI - Caregiver Board payments are made one month in arrears.  So, a caregiver who has a child placed in June will receive payment in July for the June per diem owed.  


Pittsburgh Office - Please see below for the payment schedule for January through March 2017... 

  • December EFT Board payments will be paid on Friday, January 20 and checks will be mailed on Friday, Jan. 20
  • January EFT Board payments will be paid on Thursday, February 23 and checks will be mailed on Wednesday, Feb. 22
  • February EFT Board payments will be paid on Wednesday, March 22 and checks will be mailed on Tuesday, March 21


Philadelphia Offfice - Payment schedule is the same every month

  • EFT Board payments are paid on the 13th of each month and checks are also mailed on the 13th 


 EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer or Direct Deposit